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Rumanyika-karagwe national park was named after the chief of karagwe known as Christian Rweyemamu Rumanyika. History of the area based on the karagwe kingdom of which it was inhabited by the Wanyambo under the leadership of Rumanyika as the chief of the kingdom. The leadership of Chief Rumanyika ended in 1962. The kingdom came to its pick in 19th century. Surrounding societies were Buganda, nkore, bunyoro, Banyarwanda currently known as Rwanda.
About Rumanyika-karagwe national park
Rumanyika-karagwe it’s located in kagera at karagwe district in northwest of Tanzania. It’s bordered with Uganda at the north then at the west its border with Rwanda of which it shares climate pattern with Akagera national park in Rwanda. Rumanyika-karagwe National Park covers the area of 247 sq. km. Rumanyika-karagwe was once the game reserve of which it was published to be a national park in 2019 under the monitoring of Tanzania national park (TANAPA). Due to the beautiful nature of the park it support photographic tourism since the slope of valleys and the green bushes appear to be beautiful. Rumanyika-karagwe national park essential core of the area is quite deep with slow Winding River at its base.
Climatic conditions
Karagwe district is characterized by mountain Ranges which separate by swamps valleys at the bottom. Its attitude ranges from 1500-1800m above the sea level. It’s wetlands Ranges from 1150-1450m above the sea level. Rumanyika- karagwe national park contains tropical high climate. The annual temperature is 26 degree centigrade. It rains from September-December and from March-May. Annual rainfall of in Rumanyika-karagwe national park is 1,277mm a year.
Vegetation distribution
It contains the sub-humid and semi-arid savannah with trees of 4 meters high. The wooded savannah is made up of most deciduous and broad leaved species dominated by the acacia- combretum. Rumanyika-karagwe national park its water based forest since it’s situated by drainage pattern of water with river kagera in between the park.
Rumanyika-karagwe national park consist distribution of flora and fauna with presence of rocks, scenery and topography. The national park is blessed by river kagera that cross at the bottom of its valleys. Of which it give a great view of the park attractiveness. The source of river kagera it’s from the mountain ranges found in Uganda that drain its water to river kagera their after it flows its water to Lake Victoria. Lake Victoria it’s the source of river Nile.

Rumanyika- karagwe national park is placed with various species of birds such as grey headed king fisher, African Wattled lapwing, and martial eagle. Placed with duiker such a small antelopes that are found in sub-Saharan African countries such as Tanzania in Rumanyika-karagwe national park. Other animals are elephants, leopards, see giraffes, buffalo, Impala, waterbuck, zebra, Bushbuck and baboon.
Rumanyika-karagwe national park it’s accessed by both air and land transport to which the park is accessible in to ways from chato to Murongo (220km) or from bukoba to Murongo (327km). for the case of plane transport their two close air strip which are chato in Geita air strip and bukoba at kagera air strip to which transportation has to be made to Murongo a town close to the park.
The current accommodation it’s by arranging the camping in the park or moving the near town of Murongo, kayanga-Bukoba. Other kinds of accommodation are located in Murongo town of which the town is 3.5 km away from the park.
Game driving, walking safaris of which it’s done with the assist of game rangers, bird watching ,camping it’s done with supervision of park rangers who operates in the park, picnicking, canoeing along the river kagera that cross along the park, sport fishing, boat excursion.

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