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Lake Victoria sunset cruise at Mwanza is the best tour which can be done on Lake Victoria, which is a largest lake in Africa and second lake in the world also is the greatest fresh water lake in the whole Africa. Lake Victoria bordered three countries which are Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya where Tanzania takes a large portion of the lake, and the Lake Victoria was renamed Victoria after Queen Victoria by the explorer John Hanning Speke (the English explorer). It was also known by locals as Nyanza in luo from the side of Kenya, Ukerewe from Tanzania, and also Nam lolwe in Uganda. It’s attached to other rivers such as river Kagera. Lake Victoria it believed to be the source of river Nile, which is largest river in Africa.

Lake Victoria sunset cruise at Mwanza Region in Tanzania gives a view to experience the Sunrise and Sunset view along the beach and while cruising which is very unique and wonderful, of which tourist can have a view on the sunrise and sunset where such activities like photography, sport fishing, bird watching, and nature walk can take place. Swimming can be done along the beaches, meditations can be experience through the Lake Victoria sunset cruise, and this appear as potential to the visitor who wish to meditate along the sunrise and sunset of Lake Victoria in Tanzania.

The best time to experience this wonderful tour is for sunrise is from 6am up to 9am, and for sunset is from 3pm to 6pm

The tour start

Lake Victoria sunset cruise tour starts from Mwaloni fish market at Mwanza Region, where the tourists can enjoy the fish market tour and get a chance of seeing different species of fish from Lake Victoria while auctioned. Tilapia and Nile perch are among the big fish which can be found here. Mwaloni fish market is among the biggest fresh water fish Market in east Africa. Therefore as from Mwaloni fish market at Mwanza you will meet your local guide get your boat and start cruising while experiencing sunset and sunrise at this vast African Lake. Bismarck Rock one of beautiful kopjes stands as attractions in middle of the lake with sun basking monitor lizard, lying on the stone while enjoying the sun. King fish birds and other birds of prey can be seeing soaring while looking for food. Saanane Island and some other small islands are among the few attractions to be seeing while cruising. Mwanza Rock city can as well be viewed from lake with its beautiful beaches.

Carry on with cruise sunset view while accompanied by local fishermen with their local boat while fishing. The sunset tour can either end up at Malaika beach Resort or Tilapia Hotel where you meet your driver and proceed back to your hotel; lunch can be organized for those who take full day tour.

What to do:

  • Nature walk
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming
  • Sport fishing
  • Sand and sun basking
  • Canoeing
  • Beach sport

We can organize both half and full-day tour, and lunch can be organized for those who take full-day tour.
To book this tour kindly contacts us through form below or WhatsApp.