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Mafia Island Tour

Mafia island is one of the ideal places for a Mafia island tour which is located 120km south of Dar es Salaam along the Indian Ocean, it’s among the big Tanzania islands found in Indian oceans. It only takes 20 minutes by flight which turns to be the only reliable means of transport to the Mafia island tour.

Mafia island is famous for its nice beaches and Marine parks. Snorkeling is easy done here due to the beauty of this island. Nice caves are highly accessible from the shores of the Mafia island. Diving to the deep sea beach walk taters can easily be done here and are among the famous activities.

Beach walking tour can also be part of the activities at Mafia island. Fishing is also well organized for those who like fishing. Wales and Shark safari can as well get organized for the southern part of mafia island. collection snail shells can be experienced during the tour on the island. The general atmosphere is beautiful for relaxing at the Mafia island tour with less interference and less crowded areas


Tour Activities

Mafia Island Beach Tour

Mafia Island beach tour is among the excursions which can be done daily while relaxing in mafia island. This tour will take you along the shoes of Mafia Island. This tour can be organized on a daily request from your hotel by using our local guides. To book this tour kindly send us a request.

Mafia Island Diving Tour

Mafia Island diving tour is done by our partner Mafia Diving Center, which is one of the highly equipped diving centers in Tanzania
Our guides will take you to the deep waters of the southern part of the island for diving which can take 2-7 hours, we sometimes combined this tour with swimming tours.

Mafia Island Whales/Sharks Tour

This tour will take you to kilindoni beach which is the starting point for the Mafia Island whales/Sharks tour. our guides will take you by boat to the point whereby you can drop and start swimming with sharks. Also, whales can be seen in this area. It gives you a great and unique experience playing with sharks, finally, they take you back to the hotel. This tour has to be requested early in advance, to give us room for preparation.

Mafia Island Snorkeling Tour

Mafia Island Snorkeling tour can be done in many parts of mafia island, the marine side of mafia island contains both soft and hard corals, which ideal for snorkeling. Both new learners and well experienced can enjoy snorkeling in this area. The tour will be guided by our guide using the local boat and guiding to the nice places for snorkeling, it can last from 1-3 hours. to book this tour kindly drop us an email

Mafia Island Tour