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Ugalla River National Park located at Tabora region of west central Tanzania, and it became a National Park in 2019 after the Tanzania Parliament separated part of the Ugalla River Game Reserve , to form a national Park. Also the park covers around 3,865 sq km of the area. The park covered with slow moving river of sand banks, Oxbows Lake and swamps that winds its way in meandering loops westwards, and this is unique features found at Ugalla River National Park makes its different with other National Parks found at Tanzania.
The Miombo woodland and tall grass savannas makes Ugalla River National Park most beautiful in the eyes of many tourists and wild animals, also animals use that as their habitats.
Also Ugalla River National Park is a paradise of different species which makes a tourists to enjoy the nature, they can enjoy watching elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard, giraffe, zebra and different species of antelope like largest herds of sable, roan antelope, and these unique species which found at the west of swampy stretches called swamp dwelling Sitatunga antelope, Cape clawless otters, and a host of exciting water birds such as shoe bill storks, wattled cranes, pygmy geese.
Hippo and Crocodile are most species found at the river, also the crocodile which are found in Ugalla River are very larger than all others found in Africa, and make the Ugalla River to be attractive to the tourists.
Game viewing is the most activities in Ugalla River National Park which will focus most to the beautiful overlook of the river and its oxbows and sand bank.
The presences of Groves’s huge trees which are scattered along the sand banks of Ugalla River are good for picnic and tourists to do camping.
Getting there
Air; Ugalla River National Park is accessible by private charter all time.
Road; during dry seasons from June to October the Park can be accessible by using 4 wheel vehicle.
When you at Ugalla River National Park you can accommodate at a good camping site without any worry and continue to enjoy the good view of park and it nature.
Safari Ideas
Ugalla River National Park is centrally located between the National Parks Kigosi, Mahale, Katavi, and Ruaha, It is wild and remote and makes great compliment to itineraries that feature National parks within the southern circuit.

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